Blizzard experiences (s)exodus as more key figures leave

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard Entertainment is sailing some rough waters as of recently. After being hit with one lawsuit after the other – in which allegations of sexual misconduct are the prime reason – the company now starts to lose its executives. Only this week, two key figures have decided to call it quits. I guess the only one having a ton of work is the person responsible for posting job offers.

The latest in the list of departees are Chacko Sonny and Claire Hart. For Sonny, leaving puts an end to his five-year career at Blizzard and the Overwatch 2 team, where he served as production director and executive producer. According to Polygon, Sonny is only “taking some time off”. I guess he deserves it after five years of working on Overwatch 2, which is now in the final stage of production. Then again, former Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan lasted 19 years before he took his break.

Speaking of short-lived careers, Claire Hart only lasted for three years. Then again, her departure kinda makes sense. As director of the global legal and public policy team, she had her work cut out for her. Unfortunately, the recent shitstorm probably just was more than she bargained for three years ago. Nevertheless, she’s still grateful for her time at Blizzard, because not all of ’em are pervs. Some of them are actually genuinely nice people, you know?

“After more than three years at Blizzard Entertainment, I have decided to move on to my next adventure. Friday was my last day.   The past three years have been full of unexpected twists and turns, but I feel honored to have worked with and met so many great people at Blizzard and across the Activision Blizzard businesses. I’ll be taking a short break before making my next move. Stay tuned!”

With Sonny and Claire’s departure, the list of vacancies at Blizzard is getting longer and longer. If you’re interested, you can now apply for the following positions:

  • President (taking J. Allen Brack‘s place, which is already taken, but you can always try)
  • Game director Diablo 4 (since Luis Barriga is gone)
  • Senior designer World of Warcraft (now that Jonathan LeCraft left)
  • Lead designer Diablo 4 (due to Jesse McCree’s departure)

Just one reminder though. If you somehow get hired, don’t expect your name to be incorporated in a game, even if it’s a boss name. Since the Jesse McCree thing, Blizzard isn’t really that keen on doing that anymore.