“2022’s Modern Warfare 2 will put your humanity to the test”

Call of Duty: Vanguard is just about ready to be launched, so you know what that means… right? Of course, you do! It’s about damn time to look forward to the next CoD, obviously. With campfire stories going around – claiming it’s gonna be Modern Warfare 2 – other sources speak of an installment that’ll test your morality. Inherently, this will mean a lot less cold-blooded action hero stuff and more consequential gameplay.

Making choices and dealing with the consequences isn’t new in gaming, everybody knows that. Entire franchises are built on this mechanic of working with a moral compass. You know, like The Dark Pictures Anthology, of which the third game called House of Ashes got launched recently. Feel free to read the review on that one. But with Call of Duty, choices weren’t that much of a dealbreaker. If someone got killed because you sprayed your entire magazine without really aiming, nobody cared. Collateral damage, right? The worst that could happen was being thrown back to a previous checkpoint because “friendly fire” or “killing civilians” isn’t allowed.

Then came 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with its infamous Clean House act. Infinity Ward took accountability one step further in that particular mission. The setup was done to show gamers how difficult it can be to make a life-or-death decision in stressful situations. Raiding a house in the middle of the night, not knowing if those civilians are as harmless as they appear… it triggered people to make bad calls. And Infinity Ward accepted that, but killing a baby in its crib… that was considered to be unthinkable. Those who did pull the trigger on an infant got a serious in-game talking to from the CoD dev team.

According to several sources, Infinity Ward will take this morality check a step further in Modern Warfare 2. Making bad choices in its campaign – be it consciously or not – will reportedly affect the entire story. Walking away from a huge clusterfuck while humming the theme to Team America and flawlessly speed-loading your M1 carbine… let’s not. Instead, Modern Warfare 2 will introduce you to the stress of warfare. We should expect shaky hands after a major event and fumbled reloads because of it.

Speaking of botched reloads, weapon jams are allegedly also going to be a thing in Modern Warfare 2. Gone are the days where you can blindly change a mag every second without having a worry in the world. Because… you know… you gotta reload after three fired rounds. It’s the law. Anywho, jamming weaponry might ruin that law for you (at least in the campaign). To compensate for that jam, the unfired round can be picked up and reused, apparently.

You might be thinking “wow, that’s soooooo realistic”. Well, that’s exactly the sales pitch Activision seems to be going for. After years of claims, stating to be “the most realistic Call of Duty ever”, Modern Warfare 2 might just be. Because not only does Infinity Ward turn up the dial for realistic responses, it also seems to do so when it comes to gore. Loss of limbs will be incorporated, some say. Plus, when an enemy gets mortally wounded, his buddy might just go for him to tend to his wounds. You know, because every movie has at least one “keep pressure on that wound” scene, so why shouldn’t CoD have them?

Anyway, long story short: if stories are true, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will test your humanity. And stories they are for now. Activision hasn’t responded to any of this yet. And why should they? I mean, they’re way too busy fighting lawsuits and plugging Vanguard. But still, with so many sources claiming all of this, there’s probably a grain of truth to be found.