Microsoft celebrates 20 years of Xbox with a new controller

For two decades, Xbox gamers have had the pleasure of having the most ergonomic controller in their hands. Okay, maybe not the old Duke, but the Xbox 360 introduced a controller many have loved ever since. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox, a new controller will be made available to the public. And don’t you worry, it’s still the one you’ve adored for years now, just with some new esthetics.

Those who’ve grown up playing on the original Xbox might see the reference immediately. Sporting the iconic green accents and a dark transparent shell, this 20th Anniversary Special Edition sure takes us back to 2001.

The internals on the other hand are definitely not old-school. This controller also benefits from all the features incorporated in the newest Xbox Wireless Controller. You know, things like Bluetooth technology, reduced latency, better cross-device connectivity, and a share button.

But wait, there’s more to sweeten this deal. When you connect the 20th Anniversary Special Edition controller to your Xbox, you’ll even get e nifty dynamic theme. Once you change that theme to another one, you’ll have to reconnect the controller to get it back though. So yes, you can share the Xbox festivities with all of your Xbox-owning friends, as long as they don’t mess around with the theme on their device.

And if that isn’t enough, Team Xbox is also launching a new headset that goes rather well with it. It might not come as a surprise anymore, but this piece of apparel also comes in translucent green and smokey black. The headset also supports spatial sound technologies including Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X. Keep in mind that this might require some additional apps to work.

20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Stereo Headset

So, are you ready to celebrate in style? Head on over to the Microsoft Store and place your pre-order. It’ll be dropping on your doorstep starting November 15, on Xbox’s birthday. The headset can be pre-ordered here.