Battlefield’s “Irish” actor Michael K. Williams (54) passed away

It’s a very dark time for all the fans of Battlefield’s Kimble “Irish” Graves. Michael K. Williams – the actor who portrayed Irish in Battlefield 4 the upcoming Battlefield 2042 – was found dead in his apartment. According to the New York Post, who reported it first, Williams’ death was most likely caused by a drug overdose.

Williams, was found face-down in his dining room with – what appeared to be – heroin on the kitchen table. He was found by one of his relatives who went to check up on him after not showing up for an event.

Wendell Pierce, one of Williams’ colleagues on the hit series The Wire, is one of the many actors who’s absolutely heartbroken by the sudden passing of his friend. On Twitter, Pierce took his moment to reflect on his beloved co-worker, honoring his legacy.

We as gamers get to see Michael in action one more time when Battlefield 2042 will be released, which will be on October 22, 2021. In honor of Michael K. Williams, here’s the latest Battlefield 2042 story trailer in which he appeared.

Rest in peace, Michael. You will be missed by many. You may all press F for respect now.