Metroid Dread just became less dreadful, or more (if you want)

Metroid Dread is not for pussies. It might be a Nintendo game and Nintendo usually stands for family-friendly and hella innocent, but Metroid ain’t no picnic. Therefore, you might be having issues with the game (or at least with those goddamn annoying EMMIs). If that’s the case, a fresh update might help you out of a tight spot. But if you’re like “WTF bro, Dread is dreadfully easy and void of any challenge”, this same update is there to fix that too.

That’s right. Metroid Dread has been given a free update, giving players two new difficulty modes to choose from. If you’re new to Dread – or just having nightmares because of its many challenges – the new Rookie Mode is there to help you progress. Rookie Mode offers you increased recovery and makes sure you won’t snuff it so easily during boss fights by decreasing the damage taken.

But hey, maybe Metroid Dread is a walk in the park for you. There’s an off-chance that you’re this legendary Metroid player that cuts through the game like a warm knife in a stick of butter. Well, if it’s a challenge you seek, stop seeking and give the Dread Mode a go. Do you think that you can finish Samus’ latest quest without taking a single hit? Because Dread Mode will test that bold claim by giving you a game over screen after getting hit just once.

So, does that scratch your Metroid Dread itch? If not, maybe the Boss Rush mode – which will be added in April – will. Cut out the child’s play and go straight for non-stop boss battles, for all I care. Test your might and fight a stream of bosses until they put you under. Yeah, Metroid Dread isn’t here to fuck around. It will separate the men from the boys, if you ever choose to find out what you’re made of.