A gaming chair by McDonald’s, because McWhy not?

McDonald’s, it’s the ultimate place to be whenever you’re in need of a cholesterol boost. Whether you’re just craving potential coronary diseases or in need of a carb-load before getting shit-faced at your local bar, McDonald’s has got you covered. But burger-snarfing gamers are also becoming a target audience. And since gamers have asses, McDonald’s tries to cater to the customer’s anal needs by presenting the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. Because hey, McWhy not?

Trust me, I wish I were joking. But I’m not. Following in the footsteps of Logitech, McDonald’s has actually done the one thing nobody asked them to do and got into the gaming chair business. Labeled the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, this exclusive seat is designed to tend to your ever-expanding musculus gluteus Maximus in the most luxurious way imaginable. Again, I’m not even kidding.

Just look at it and all of its splendor. Somewhere in McDonald’s HQ, someone truly believed that he/she/it had a stroke of genius. And in a way, it kind of is. Stain-proof leather (not 100% beef though), holders for fries, dips, a burger, and a beverage… there’s even a napkin holder. And that’s just great since no streamer wants to go live with a face full of sauce. And all that in this uber-fugly McDonald’s design.

Now, I can hear you thinking “Ermahgerd, GIVE IT TO MEH!” and fortunately, I can’t. According to people familiar with this project, there was only one up for grabs. Apparently, McDonald’s had a promotion going on Facebook, something that can’t really be verified since that post is now gone. Others claim that there are three more but those got gifted to selected influencers. So there’s a slight chance that you’ll be able to spot one on Twitch or YouTube.

For once, I’m sooooo grateful that I’m not a successful influencer.