Master Chief Throughout The Years video finishes too soo…

A lot of editors have made this mistake in the pas… We check, we double-check, and we put shit live, just to figure out the post wasn’t complet… Usually, we notice it straight awa… Then again, some of us don… Microsoft Xbox just had the same issue, because the uploaded Master Chief Throughout The Years video seems to be a little shorter than intende…

Master Chief has been around for quite some time now and his appearance is one that is unmistakable, no matter what console he shines on. It doesn’t matter if we remember the Original Xbox version, the Xbox 360 one, or the Xbox One Master Chief, you’ll know it’s him when you’re presented with his silhouette. To prove that point, Microsoft decided to upload a video of Master Chief, showing the fans how he started out and how his appearance has progressed.

But there’s something strange about this particular video. The short clip called “Master Chief Throughout The Years” seems to be quite a bit shorter than intended. After just 23 seconds (which is fast for some and about 20 seconds above average for others), the video abruptly stops. Just like that. And to make things even weirder, Microsoft isn’t making any haste with replacing it with a longer version. It almost makes people believe that it’s all intended.

Of course, there could be a number of reasons why this trailer isn’t showed in full. It could be that the development team of Halo Infinite worked on it. In that case, more will probably come at some point, even though we’ll never know when. It could also be that the rest of the trailer will be made available as DLC. The third option could be that Bethesda demanded a Doom Guy cameo to make sure that there won’t be any who’s the favorite stepchild rumors going on, but Doom Guy was still getting his helmet shined in his trailer (no double entendre intended). It could be anything, really.

Then again, it could also be an honest mistake. In that case, the video above will probably get replaced with a longer version and this post will become obsolete. We’ll see what happens. But someone’s getting a stern talking to, I’m almost sure of it. As soon as daddy Microsoft is done raw-dogging its bride Bethesda, somebody might be getting acquainted with the old flip-flop to the head.