Master Chief and Doom Guy are the cutest step-siblings ever

Step-brothers are notorious for usually not getting along. There’s always the “I’m the favorite” debate that really has no winner. The only real way of telling who’s best seems to be to duke it out on a frequent basis. Not for Master Chief and Doom Guy though. They seem to get along juuuuuust fine and there’s a family photo to prove it.

Because yes, Halo’s Master Chief and DOOM’s Doom Guy are now step-siblings. In case you forgot, Bethesda recently became a 7.5 billion dollar mail order bride after sugar daddy Microsoft put a phat shiny ring on it. After receiving the good old nod of approval by the SEC and the European Commission and a festive wedding with lots of free gifts, the couple is now ready to share some family snapshots.

The first (of many) pictures – posted on National Siblings Day – shows us just how timeless jumpers can be. Even Doom Guy and Master Chief – who usually never seem to go for anything else than military green – seem to pull of the “Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly” look.

Gosh. Aren’t they cute though? You’d almost forget that they’re single-handedly responsible for a metric fuckton of shed blood throughout the years. Knowing that it was mostly demon and Covenant blood eases the guilty conscience somewhat, I guess. Anywho… look at those dapper killing machines. Mama’s handsome eradicators.

This isn’t just a one-time deal though. According to Xbox’s tweet, we should expect more of these stylish family pictures throughout April.