Mass Effect TV show makes former Bioware lead writer cringe

There’s a lot of stuff happening in the gaming industry that makes people cringe. Bobby Kotick’s behavior. Ubisoft’s “you can do better than this” e-mail campaign. Cas’ mention of Alex Afrasiabi’s Horadric staff (a.k.a his shlong). And TV shows, as it turns out. Especially the upcoming Mass Effect TV show has got people facepalming, and one of Bioware’s former lead writers David Gaider is one of ’em.

Even though David was never part of Mass Effect, the Dragon Age writer knows plenty of the franchise to know that a TV show is a bad idea. On Twitter, Gaider has gone out on a rant, expressing why this Mass Effect/Amazon deal is destined to disappoint. In a nutshell, he thinks Mass Effect can’t be poured into a scripted show. And to be honest, his reasoning behind it kinda makes you think he’s on to something.

First of all, he is not completely bombing the idea of a TV series. If anything, it’s better than a movie. Yet still, Gaider seems to be clueless as to why fans are excited. I mean, do they not remember what Mass Effect is actually all about? It’s a series known for having a pretty blank protagonist, who’s shaped by the player’s decisions. How do you translate that into a scripted show? Precisely, you don’t. And that’s where it all goes south.

Honestly, he does make a few valid points. With Mass Effect being a choice-driven game series, this TV show does have a few hurdles to overcome. For starters, you can’t choose whether the lead character is going to be male or female. Second of all, Amazon isn’t looking to please only the fans who already know the story behind Mass Effect. Their target audience is most likely going to be wider than that. This means that you can pretty much scratch the idea that it’ll tie into the current story arch too much.

Well, it’s always good to get the blessing of a Bioware lead writer, I suppose. That’ll help the sales. And let’s be honest, not every game adaptation sucks major donkey balls. The Witcher is doing pretty great on Netflix. And when it comes to movies, Mortal Kombat keeps on trying because people keep on watching them. And it’s not like movie/TV show studios aren’t trying to keep it canon, as Assassin’s Creed tried to show us. Well, maybe that wasn’t the greatest of examples…

Anywho, we’ll see when it drops on Amazon, if it ever does. According to Deadline, deals are about to be made.