Marvel’s Avengers saying adios to controversial XP boosters

Don’t you just love it when big corporate needs to kowtow after making stupid decisions? I do. I don’t necessarily want huge companies to fail, but I do enjoy the aftermath that comes with broken promises. Promises like “this game will not have a pay-to-win business model”. When Marver’s Avengers all of the sudden got paid XP boosters – which we did not agree upon – Square Enix might not have anticipated the shitstorm that would unleash. Well, it apparently was nasty enough for the publisher to revert that decision.

Named Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors, these paid XP boosters got added to Marvel’s Avengers last month, to the chagrin of the player base. First of all, this game was supposed to be free of any pay-to-win mechanics. The promise was to keep it ‘cosmetical only’. No gameplay paywalls. But when XP earning got nerfed “to make the process less confusing to newcomers”, alarm bells started to ring. It got our gamer senses tingling, so to speak.

And what do you know, those senses didn’t fail us. Going against their initial promise, Square Enix went for it and added paid XP boosters anyway. The troubled game – which was still loved by many because of its “no pay-to-win” policy – suddenly lost a lot of its popularity. Avengers-ambassadors turned their backs on it, and there was only Squeenix to blame for it. Therefore, someone at Square had to bite the bullet and tell corpo that people weren’t too pleased. The result: XP Boosters are being removed as we speak.

Isn’t this just great? I mean, this shows that speaking up actually does make a difference from time to time. And this isn’t just a one-out-of-a-million case to prove it. Sony PlayStation had to take a big slice of humble pie not too long ago when it broke its cross-gen upgrade promise. After receiving some flak from its posse, the decision to only make digital versions of Horizon Forbidden West upgradeable was reverted too.

God, do I love democracy.