Avengers going from hero to zero because of paid XP boosters

Whatever your opinion on Marvel’s Avengers might be, the game has one thing going for it. From day one, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have kept the game clean of any pay-to-win mechanics. No paywall whatsoever. If you wanted to spend some extra cash, it would be for aesthetic purposes only. Pinky-promise. Well, guess who just extended a razor-sharp claw out of its pinky…

Yep, that’s right. Squeenix and Crystal Dynamics have broken their pledge and added paid XP boosters to The Avengers. The in-game marketplace now has the option of buying ‘consumables’, which can be used to temporarily boost XP gains or the number of resources collected while playing. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what has fans and advocates of the game on their hind legs.

And can you blame them? The paywall-free experience was the one thing that everyone seemed to appreciate, fans and critics alike. Studio head Scot Amos was almost dubbed a hero himself when he pledged to keep The Avengers ‘clean’ of paid XP boosters. I mean, this was his opinion in 2019, after community manager Meagan Marie got hailed at E3 for promising a lootbox-free game.

“The idea, from the beginning, is that we want you to be able to customise your hero – how they look, how they play, the gear they have and how they use it.

Your Black Widow could be different to my Black Widow – just a little, maybe a lot depending on what you favour and how you unlock things. In terms of how we monetise, we’ll have cosmetics. No gameplay paywalls.”

It now turns out that promises don’t mean shit, and it has the game’s subreddit in disarray. On the other hand, some players saw this coming from a mile away. Slowing down the rate at which players level up, should have been a major red flag.

According to Square Enix, that decision was made because it led to “pacing issues”. Leveling up too damn fast apparently confused the living shit out of new players. To make sure they wouldn’t be overwhelmed by fast leveling, Square Enix now only offers this option if you wish to pay for it. Sounds reasonable and totally not confusing or overwhelming.

And that, dear publishers and developers, is how you ruin a game very quickly. This news might be very confusing and overwhelming to you, but for a small fee, I’ll help you understand at a faster rate. Does that sound like a deal, Squeenix?