Maneater sinks its teeth in Nintendo Switch

Maneater – Tripwire Interactives self-proclaimed ShaRkPG – is coming to Nintendo Switch. If you feel like turning innocent people into shark fodder on the go, you’ll get your chance this May.

Maneater is all about the hard life of being an orphaned shark pup. “Awwww… he’s so cute and all alone…” (yes, this is a Lion King reference). But like Timon also said, he’s gonna get bigger and he’s gonna eat guys like us. True words, Timon, because Maneater lets you evolve, adapt, and overindulge. As you terrorize the omnifarious waters of Port Clovis, growing into a mutated killing machine is all you need to worry about. Because somebody needs to avenge your momma’s demise, right?

Maneater has been mingling in the console ocean for a while now. PlayStation, Xbox, and PC (through the Epic Games Store)… they’ve all seen a fair share of this shark sim’s teeth. The Nintendo Switch has gotten away unscathed, but if Maneater wants to grow big and strong, the Nintendo Switch has to face the challenge, too. It was only a matter of time, to be honest. The primal needs of Maneater can’t be halted, so there will be carnage on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

So, are you ready to start devouring every swimming creature (and an occasional ignorant bystander)? Good. You’ll get your chance soon enough. Let’s just hope it fairs better than the Apex Legends port, because that kinda went bad really quick.

Maneater emerges on Nintendo Switch on May 25. Keep an eye out for that dorsal fin 😉