A Mafia prequel is in the works, but that’s just hearsay…

“Objection, your honor. Hearsay!” Never have these words been uttered so many times, so I might as well jump on the lawyer jargon bandwagon. According to Kotaku (hearsay!), Hangar 13 is working on a Mafia prequel. That’s reason for a whole lotta eeeeeey and Italian hand gestures

The game is reportedly still in the early stage of development, so forget about visual proof. All we know is that it’s carrying the codename Nero. The Mafia 3 engine is also dumped in the river with a big block of concrete. Unreal Engine 5 is the new wiseguy in Hangar 13 town.

In other Hangar 13 news: studio head Haden Blackman has left the gang. His “passion at a new endeavour” takes him elsewhere, something that usually doesn’t sit well with the mob. Luckily, Hangar 13 Brighton’s Nick Bayes was ready to fill the empty chair.

Now let’s just hope that this Mafia prequel will go down better with the fans. Mafia 3 – the last entry in the mobster franchise – wasn’t exactly what people wanted to see. Ironically, it was because of a black man that things felt off (no offense, Haden). I guess fans only liked the Vito Scaletta cameo and couldn’t care less about the black mob, which actually was a thing in the US.

I wish I had more to share, bit I don’t All other news would merely be hearsay “OBJECTION, YOUR HONOR! MOVE TO STRIKE!”