[REVIEW] Lust from Beyond – a ‘meaty’ X-rated se(x)quel

My name is Patrick and I’m strangely attracted to pervy games. Yes, it’s true, I do seem to have a weird fascination for games that lean towards being obscure, odd, and controversial. The weirder, the better. Add a little taboo to the mix, and I’m in for a try. Therefore, games like Lust for Darkness had me intrigued when it launched in 2018. It was a short and – to be honest – cheap shot at the title of being an X-rated, survival-horror game. Still, I wouldn’t mind playing a sequel, if it were a lot better. Lo and behold, that very sequel: Lust from Beyond.


But is it a lot better? The short answer is yes, be it that this short answer has quite a few side notes. The game generally looks a lot better and has had a much-needed enlargement, meaning it isn’t as short as we last remembered it. The story is quite passable and the voice acting is mostly pretty decent. Hell, I’d even go as far as saying that audio, in general, is way above par. But let’s talk about that later, because there might be people who haven’t even been introduced to this Lust series.

Similar to Lust for Darkness, Lust from Beyond is a Lovecraftian first-person survival-horror game with an emphasis on erotica. You play as Victor Holloway, a dusty antique dealer with some sexual issues. Whenever Victor gets it on, he plummets into a weird, lustful state of mind and ends up in an H.R. Giger-ish place made out of fleshy folds and organic material. Unfortunately, his girlfriend isn’t really into Victor’s shit anymore, and neither is Victor himself. The seemingly well-meant advice to see one Dr. Austerlitz in the town of Bleakmoor is taken by Victor, although he soon wishes that he didn’t because Victor is about to get fucked in multiple ways. No pun intended.


From that point on, Lust from Beyond is all about survival by (stealthy) exploration, puzzling, and the occasional combat. To be honest, none of the three factors are really demanding. A lot of the adversaries in Bleakmore and Lusst’ghaa – the aforementioned Giger-ish world – don’t really seem to care about your presence unless you’re right in front of them. The puzzles aren’t necessarily difficult to solve as well, granted that you’ve done the exploration part. The times that I did got stuck on a puzzle were due to the fact that I didn’t find a vital piece of info. That being said, Lust from Beyond gives you little to no hints if you missed one or lost your focus during a dialogue. You know, because some girl got shafted by two dudes in the background.

If you still end up running into a sex-crazed maniac, running away is the only thing you can do during the first couple of the sixteen chapters in Lust from Beyond because Victor can’t block attacks. Even when armed with a knife (or a revolver when he finally gets one), blocking is a skill that Victor is unacquainted with. This makes total sense when you get jumped by armed goons in Bleakmoor, but the veritable sex demons walking the Land of Extasy that is Lusst’ghaa are only capable of melee attacks. Dying because some dildo-wearing demonic freak slapped you a couple of times just feels daft, but I guess it’s surpassable.

The reason for allowing Polish developer Movie Games Lunarium to get away with daft choices and often (too) simple gameplay could lie in the detail that they put in a vast majority of the environment, even if they mess up big time on the facial animation department. The world of Lusst’ghaa looks like a stunning but fucked up fever dream and is one that made me stop walking around from time to time, just to take in the scenery. The interactive items have been detailed to the max and leave nothing to the imagination. If you have a weird dildo, strap-on, or Fleshlight fetish, be sure to wear some protection before you boot up Lust from Beyond. We wouldn’t want you to jizz your pants every 15 minutes. Then again, watching people scat on each other during an orgy can kill the boner quite quickly. Don’t want to see any of the highly detailed X-rated material? No problem. Just enable censorship in the options. But then again, why did you even consider buying this obviously adult-themed game?

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But like I said before, the graphics quality is pretty much all over the place. As stunning as Lusst’ghaa might be, the dark and shady town of Bleakmoor isn’t nearly as pretty. Textures just don’t feel as polished as they could be and it just misses detail here and there. But the worst SNAFU houses within the character models and their facial animations. Limbs are occasionally modeled incorrectly and constantly need to move in unnatural ways. Even people with cerebral palsy be like “relax dude!”. And the faces… they’re all okay until the lips start to move. It did give me a good laugh though, Victor calling his girlfriend the most beautiful person alive while her face looked like a total dumpster fire merely seconds ago. Yikes! Unfortunately, there’s no way of putting a bag over it when you slip into the sex scene a moment later…

Still, Lust from Beyond is a fair bit of fun for the reasonable price of just $20/€19. Unlike Lust for Darkness, Lust from Beyond serves you up to 6, maybe 8 hours of sex infused Lovecraftian storyline before you see the credits roll. You could even opt for playing it multiple times, since choices made in dialogue have irreversible impact on the outcome. Going back to a previous save is not an option, so tough luck. Also, chapter selection isn’t available, which means that you’ll have to play through the entire game multiple times to actually see every possible outcome. Maybe Movie Games Lunarium can think about changing that. I don’t feel like screwing that absolute disaster of a girlfriend over and over again.

X-rated marks some spots
The Turn-ons
Lusst'ghaa is a sight to behold
Good pricing for a fair amount of gameplay
Ah yes, the sex. I have the sex all the time...
Dialogue options give way for multiple outcomes
The Cock-blockers
Facial animations are a total train wreck
No chapter selection or loading of previous saves
Not the most challenging of survival-horror games