Logitech charges your ass close to a grand for a seat

After an honest day’s work, nothing beats the feeling of a comfortable seat. Especially when you’re about to get it on in your favorite game. Companies like Vertagear and Secretlab are all more than willing to provide you with that comfort. And so does Logitech. The only thing is… you gotta put in a lot of those honest workdays to be able to afford it.

Because the Vantum Gaming Chair – as Logitech decides to call it – ain’t coming cheap. If you believe that the Secretlab chairs are ‘slightly overpriced’, you might wanna sit down for this one. Are you ready? Okay. The Vantum Gaming Chair will set you back $995. That’s right. That’s five bucks shy of a grand.

You might be wondering one thing now: Why?! Well, because Logitech’s Vantum chair ain’t just another chair. In fact, Logitech has partnered up with seat guru Herman Miller to create this piece of art. Or was it the other way around? Anyway. With Herman Miller’s pedigree attached to the Vantum, a thousand bucks suddenly sounds like a steal. Even if it’s not.

But hey, just look at it! It’s all futuristic-looking and it has customizable lumbar support and everything. Plus, it comes in different snazzy colors. And with that Herman Miller logo on the back, you’re bound to attract some attention on Twitch. Major attention = big audience = monetization. So consider it an “investment”. A thousand bucks might sound like a lot, but it really ain’t when you think about it. I mean, look at how happy the model above is. She spent so much money on a chair that she can’t even afford a PC with cables and still she smiles. That has to be one heck of a chair she’s sitting in.

So, whaddaya say? Who cares about electricity bills and soaring gas prices? Whip out a grand and hurl it toward Logitech and Herman Miller. In exchange, you’ll be seated like a king. A broke-ass king, probably. But still…