LEGO + SEGA = SEGO: Sonic LEGO set leaked before reveal

If you’re one of those OG SEGA people who’s like “fuck that LEGO Mario crap”, we’ve got some news for you. After being greenlit by the mighty brick manufacturer, an official Sonic set has now surfaced. Yeah, leaks be dropping faster than the speed of a blue hedgehog, you guys.

Does this set come as an absolute surprise? Not really. The idea was pitched earlier by 24-year-old fan Viv Grannell, who resorted to the LEGO Ideas program to get the set developed. After acquiring more than 10,000 votes, LEGO reviewed it and gave it the ol’ ok, which is Swedish for ok. You’re welcome.

So, are you ready to feast your eyes on a Greenhill Zone stage made out of plantar ruiners? Hold on to your golden rings and take a peak, speed freak.

  • Sonic LEGO set 21331
  • Sonic LEGO set 21331

With these pictures out in the open now, LEGO is bound to break the silence soon. Maybe then we’ll get to see the official pricing on it, which should be close to $110-120. If the price on Mercado Libre – the Mexican online marketplace where the set was first spotted – is an indicator, LEGO set 21331 will set you back $130.