A bricked Atari 2600 is worth $240, thanks to Lego

Whoa, whoa… hold your horses. Before you run up to the attic to salvage your broken Atari console, it’s a manner of speaking. You know, metaphorically. But also literally, in a way. Lego has partnered up with Atari to bring back the classic Atari 2600 in bricked form. Measuring 8cm tall, 33cm wide, and 22cm deep, Lego’s Atari 2600 is a must-have build for any ’80s gamer.

One of those ’80s gamers is Lego designer Chris McVeigh, who has been involved in creating this iconic Atari Lego build. As they did with the NES build, Lego tries to replicate the instantly recognizable console to the best of its capabilities. This means that the consumer won’t just get the console, but also a joystick and replicas of three classic games.

Buildable cartridges of Asteroids, Centipede, and Adventure are included and can be fitted in the console or stored in a retro-looking container. To top it off, Lego also includes tiny dioramas depicting the games and an ’80s player’s room. I gotta hand it to Lego, they are really making an effort lately.

Do you like what you see? I do. Even if it comes with a hefty $239.99 price tag. And the best is yet to come. This iconic set is practically shipping to retailers as we speak. This Atari 2600 can be yours starting August 1, 2022.

Y u do dis, Lego? First the Mighty Bowser build, and now this. I gotta start looking into another mortgage…