A Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck LEGO set is coming soon

Good news for the fans of Horizon Forbidden West who’d like to lay a post-apocalyptic brick from time to time. LEGO – the Danish toy manufacturer known for laying a brick like a pro – has struck a deal with PlayStation. The Tallneck – that one mechanical creature known for having… a tall neck – is being turned into a LEGO set.

For all you LEGO purists out there, here’s some information supplied by LEGO. The Tallneck set bears the number 76989 and consists of 1222 bricks. Heightwise, we’re looking at 34 centimeters, or around a foot for all the non-metric readers. The set is going to be 23 centimeters wide and 17 centimeters deep (9 inches and 6.7 inches).

But it’s not just the Tallneck that you’ll be getting. Placed firmly on a base of bricky foliage, a Watcher and a spear-wielding Aloy LEGO figurine are included. Unfortunately, LEGO Aloy does not come with bouncy hair.

Interesting fact, this Tallneck LEGO set is designed by Isaac Snyder, a long-time fan of the game and the towering creature since his first experience with Horizon Zero Dawn. And who can blame him? I mean, Horizon Zero Dawn was pretty awesome and Forbidden West isn’t too shabby either.

If you’d like to know more about Tallnecks or Horizon Forbidden West, give my review a once over. Admittedly, it doesn’t really say much about this particular creature, but it does explain why you shouldn’t even have doubts pre-ordering the game. Just a thought.

The LEGO Tallneck set will be available starting March 1 and can be yours for just $79.99/€79,99.