Layers of Fears will paint a new yet familiar picture

What is Layers of Fears? Is it a remaster, remake, or reimagining? It’s a question that keeps surfacing, according to Bloober Team. As I sat down with Laura Bernas, one of the team’s representatives, I too had a similar question. The short answer: if Layers of Fear 1 and 2 were songs, Layers of Fears would be their remix.

The long answer came afterward. Layers of Fears isn’t a game that can be categorized easily. It serves as a new perspective on what we know but also grants us answers to lingering questions. Layers of Fears seeks to tie the two games together. It’s designed to explain how the story of a troubled painter and a haunted Hollywood actor interlink, even if the two original games made you believe there’s no real connection.

While Bloober Team isn’t ready to pull the covers off of its canvas just yet, it has been lifting a corner of it. With a new chapter added to Layers of Fears, The Final Note introduces us to the aforementioned new perspective. As Bernas explained, The Final Note introduces us to the other side of the original story by placing us in the shoes of The Painter’s Wife. Serving as her husband’s muse, the devastated musician has her own story to tell, painting a new perspective on the family’s tragedy.

All of these elements combined should make for a game worth exploring, even if you’ve finished the previous installments. In fact, having some field experience with Layers of Fear 1 and 2 might even be beneficial. Those familiar with both stories might appreciate the new point of view, especially now that it’s being powered by Unreal Engine 5. Not that Layers of Fear didn’t already impress running on the Unity engine. But having the power of Lumen to take reflection and global illumination to a higher level is one of Bloober’s most desired features.

And with those insights provided, Bloober Team thanked me for my time and sent me off into the real world. An artist’s time is valuable, you know. Especially when the artist in question is working on more than one masterpiece. And while I have to leave you in the dark on the meaning of that, you might have an idea already. Just to let you know, it’s not Layers ofs Fears. They are done adding the letter ‘s’.