KOTOR remake delayed until God knows when

Have you ever heard of KOTOR? Sure you have! It might be that you’ve never played a single minute of it, but that’s a whole different story. There has to be that one person in your life that can’t STFU about it. Because KOTOR, O…M…G! They won’t make ’em like they used to these days. And it seems like that will stay the case because some say the KOTOR remake has been postponed indefinitely.

KOTOR – or Knight of the Old Republic for the naive – is da bomb. It’s the Star Wars game of Star Wars games. In fact, entire tribes believe that you can’t really call yourself a Star Wars fan if you haven’t played KOTOR at least once. This game is so frickin’ awesome that it deserves a monument. And a remake. And as of now, it’s getting neither.

The rumor goes that Aspyr Media – the company responsible for remaking KOTOR – recently fired some people. Important figures like Brad Prince and Jason Minor. Why were they important? Because they were the design director and the art director. And you kinda need both to make a game. According to Bloomberg, both men were sacked after their presentation of a demo, created to show Lucasfilm and Sony what they were working on.

It’s been said that staff has already been notified. The general quality of the demo was reportedly sub-par and didn’t quite meet the internal expectations. And since Aspyr doesn’t know what ‘second chance’ means, out they went and the hunt for new blood started. In the meanwhile, all Aspyrians were told to go do something else. Find something. Just not KOTOR.

Tough luck, I guess. What a shame. But hey, if the demo really sucked, we should be glad that Aspyr intervened. Because honestly, if they would’ve let it all happen and the remake would turn out to be “disappointing”, we would’ve gone all apeshit and possibly slaughter a bunch of younglings. You know, like Anakin. Because why did he actually do that? Was it because of a bad demo? Think about that for a change.

P.S.: Fun fact, Aspyr is part of Saber Interactive. Saber… I thought it was funny.