“…There is another…” – Original KOTOR goes physical again

Right after Rockstar’s attempt to push their polished twenty year old Turd up our noses, while asking if we can smell what the Rock(star) is cooking, another developer has thrown itself to the stage of selling cherished old pieces of greatness for the price of a new game. Will they do a better job than friends at Rockstar with the GTA trilogy? Can you guess what game it is? If you didn’t guess Knights of the Old Republic – KOTOR for short – I find your lack of insight… disturbing.

But you might have missed the memo, so let me educate you. Right after announcing a remake of the world-class game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Aspyr Media decided to release the 22-year-old original unedited game again on switch and PC. To clarify what’s coming next, the digital Switch edition of KOTOR goes for a respective $12.49. Hold this thought.

I’m going to be honest here, I’m very tempted to pull my wallet again. I loved the game so much In the early 2000s, I played through it at least six times. I played it on PC, hard copy obviously. Then bought it on Steam due to scratches on that hard copy. I bought it on my Ipad just to see how it would play, and I get hooked every time. Games these days don’t get a story like this anymore. A possibility to build a genuine relationship with your companions and, as Palpatine would say, the feeling of unlimited Dark-side Power!

But listen to this. For the hardcore fans of the KOTOR franchise, a physical cartridge or CD can be pre-ordered as of today. I can feel the excitement flow right through your screen, but wait! Don’t get cocky kid, because you’re about to be disappointed! Why? Because this physical version of the 21-year-old piece of cole can be yours for the same price as Beskar steel. Sounds fair right? I kid you not, dude!

At Limited Run Games the base game will sell for an affordable $34.99. But what fan would not love a chance at the Limited Premium($89.99) or Master Edition? For as little as $174.99 this whole set can be yours! The little disclaimer being that you don’t get the remake for that price. Just a hardcover artbook, real set of pazaak cards, a letter opener shaped like a vibrosword, functioning comspike USB stick (in the PC version) and plenty more really cool stuff. No joke guys, totally cool!

While I would love to own all of this awesomeness, the price seems to be steep (understatement of the year, this is). On the one hand you get the original game. Untweaked, so no GTA trilogy like flickering graphics. They played it safe and why not. Never change a winning formula, I guess. But that is exactly what they are selling. It’s a used bucket of bolts – as Leia would say – with the promise of making the next one into a shiny new ship at a lot of extra cost….

Truth is, Aspyr Media has a goldmine in its hands. With the rights of old Star wars games and a huge fanbase with money to burn, they see a way to grow their bank account with the speed of Viagra! Or 12 parsecs. Aspyr pulled this trick a few times before with the Jedi Academy and Podracers series, the latter also being realeased digitaly on PS4.

Then again, the Switch is a perfect platform for these types of older games. With the smaller screen, the graphics don’t look as outdated. Just don’t play it docked, because that will change your view on the graphics faster than a bucket of Ewoks at a Star Wars convention… You know what I mean.

Knowing me, I will probably buy the digital Switch version. I’ll love it…again… and then also buy the remake, love it…again… and write on instakilled.com how much I love the Old Republic franchise and timeframe. Even though I know that it’ll costs me billions and billions and billions, and billions of dollars. And possibly my marriage and mortgage.