Kotick will quit if he can’t fix this shit, says Wall Street Journal

According to the Wall Street Journal, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reportedly claimed that he’s willing to resign if he can’t “quickly” unfuck his company. The comment was allegedly made during a meeting with some execs on Friday. If these claims turn out to be true, close to 1800 employees will be very happy.

Yeah, Bobby Kotick might not have been the most popular CEO out there, but his approval rating definitely can’t get any worse at the moment. Being accused of complicity and inappropriate behavior, Kotick is being scrutinized from every possible angle. Employees have had enough of this fuckening, with close to 1800 of them signing a petition for him to leave. If things can’t be resolved on short notice, Bobby might just give them what they want.

To be honest, it might just be the best choice for all parties. I mean, Kotick’s reputation is already to hell. Everybody’s talking about the coverups and that one 2006 death threat voicemail he left. Plus, seeing a lot of employees leave after being exposed – some of them allegedly protected by Kotick in the past – doesn’t really support Kotick’s case. Even if he’d miraculously solve all of Activision’s, the damage is already done.

Then again, nobody has actually heard him say it, apart from these WSJ sources. The board of Activision recently called the demands of him resigning – pointing to Activision’s zero-tolerance policy – utterly unfounded. So why would he change his mind now? Is it because of Phil Spencer, who spoke out and said that he was going to “re-evaluate his relationship with Activision”? Or did the harsh words of PlayStation-boss Jim Ryan bring Kotick to different thoughts?

To be continued…