Hideo Kojima criticizes Death Stranding Director’s Cut

If there’s one thing that a lot of people have in common, it must be that Death Stranding is kind of a weird concept. A grown-ass man carrying a baby around in a glass jar while he’s delivering packages… only Kojima could’ve thought of that. So to Kojima, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Death Stranding. Until now. The Japanese mastermind has openly criticized the PS5 version of the game. Or rather its name – Death Stranding Director’s Cut – to be exact.

Kojima isn’t too keen on the Director’s Cut addition to the title, because it implies things. For the record, a Director’s Cut usually adds content to the original, mostly stuff that got removed during editing. But when it comes to Death Stranding, no cuts were made. I mean, Kojima wasn’t restricted in any way or form during the development of Death Stranding. Not having to deal with a publisher’s control was the entire point of leaving Konami in the first place.

So, gamers rightfully got confused when Death Stranding Director’s Cut got announced. Now it turns out that even Kojima himself has put some question marks behind this decision.

So there you have it. Good ol’ Hideo isn’t a fan of the Director’s Cut title but would have called it Delector’s Plus. If only somebody would explain to me what a ‘delector’ is, because I’m pretty sure Kojima isn’t referring to Latin here. Then again, isn’t a guy like Kojima actively involved in this kind of decision-making?

Anywho… to be clear, the Director’s Cut does contain content that isn’t in the PlayStation 4 version, but it is content deliberately made for the PS5 version. You know, as a bonus. An extra package, so to speak.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut is a PS5 exclusive and is coming out on September 24.