Knights of the Old Republic gets a remake, coming to PS5 first

It seems that the force is strong with Sony PlayStation. During the PlayStation Showcase 2021, developer Aspyr announced the coming of a Knights of the Old Republic remake. Even though the announcement trailer doesn’t really show that much, it gives KOTOR fans much to rejoice about. Unless you don’t have a PlayStation 5. If you’re an Xbox Jedi, you might just feel a hint of Dark Side bubbling up.

As I said, there isn’t really much to see just yet. No gameplay, no comparison to the original, just Darth Revan giving us an ominous speech. And even though she’s no longer canon, Knights of the Old Republic fans won’t give a hoot. The mere sound of Jennifer Hale’s voice is enough to give KOTOR-lovers a hard lightsaber.

But that big throbbing lightsaber might go flaccid really fast if you don’t own a PlayStation 5 (or a beefy PC). PlayStation has struck a console exclusiveness deal, making sure it launches first on PlayStation 5. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Team Xbox won’t get it at all. It could just come to Xbox Series X later. So please, chillax. Don’t go all Anakin and kill a bunch of young padawan over this…