Kirby’s Dream Buffet knows only one winner: diabetes

Alright, folks! Whip out your ‘heavy breathing’ and ‘diabetus’ memes, because they’re gonna come in handy. Kirby‘s back and he’s ready to digest anything that isn’t nailed to the floor in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, Nintendo’s newest party game, and the fever dream of any morbidly obese individual.

It’s surprising how games like these are being sanctioned these days. Millions are suffering from high cholesterol and coronary artery diseases and this pink SOB is still setting bad examples. But hey, Kirby is cute, cuddly, and probably tons of fun to hang out with. Unless you’re edible, then not so much.

Okay, sarcasm off. Kirby is cute as a chubby button and people adore good ol’ pink chonkers. And do you know what people also like to do at a party besides stuffing their pie holes? Play party games. Well, if you put it that way, Kirby’s Dream Buffet should be a smash hit. I mean, look at the trailer below. Just don’t try to eat or lick your monitor while you do that.

Honestly, ain’t that just amazing? Rolling around in whipped cream, absorbing anything edible till time runs out? Sounds like a regular Sunday to some, but those people usually don’t look that cheerful after rolling onto a scale. But Kirby gives zero fucks. Probably because he doesn’t even have fingers.

Anywho… Kirby’s Dream Buffet. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. Just in time for you to stock up on insulin.