Deceptionpunk 2077: Keanu Reeves never played Cyberpunk

CD Projekt RED has 99 problems and now Keanu Reeves is one, without him probably realizing it. In an interview with Verge, Keanu Reeves – a.k.a. Johnny Silverhands – uncovered a sensitive detail regarding Cyberpunk’s PR campaign, and it might just hit the Polish dev in de cyberballs. While being questioned about The Matrix Awakens, Keanu owned up not being the gaming type, which is totally fine by me. But CD Projekt RED might beg to differ since they explicitly claimed the contrary in 2020. Are you seeing where this is heading? Keep reading, chumba.

Okay, let’s take a trip down memory lane. November 2020. CD Projekt RED is balls deep into Cyberpunk’s PR campaign, merely weeks before its launch. People are hyped to the absolute maximum and to keep that buzz going, joint-CEO Adam Kiciński pitched in to crank the hype up even further. How do we convince doubters to stop doubting? Here’s an idea: let’s say that Keanu Reeves himself absolutely loved playing the game. You can’t not trust Keanu. I mean, he loves puppies and knows how to kill a guy with a pencil. Keanu is the epitome of trustworthiness.

The guy who thought of that must have gotten a gold medal for it. One that is now likely requested back. Because nobody would have expected Keanu to contradict that claim. Until he did, for which we need to fast-forward back to December 9, 2021. In an interview with Verge regarding The Matrix Awakens, Keanu had something interesting to say. When asked if he ever plays videogames, this is what he said:

As Neo would say: “Whoah!” That is one helluva big oof there. Keanu, on-screen, claiming that he never played a minute of Cyberpunk, even though CD Projekt claimed that he did. That is not – I repeat, NOT – the kind of PR talk that the Cyberpunk dev was looking for. Especially since shareholders are already suing the company for misleading them over the quality of the game. Just when CD Projekt thought they were getting out of the woods, Keanu puts them right back in there.

Even though this sucks ass for CD Projekt, they might be able to dry those tears with physical prints of the positive reviews that Cyberpunk has gotten lately. To be fair, after some hard-needed patchwork, Cyberpunk is starting to become the game it should have been. Combined with a nice discount during Black Friday, Cyberpunk has suddenly piqued the attention of gamers who’ve left behind a positive review on Steam.

See? Silver linings are found everywhere.