June’s Xbox Update be like: “Alright then, show your secrets”

Some people are great at keeping secrets and some aren’t. Take Ubisoft, for example, who’s been horrible at it since the invention of E3 announcements. Microsoft has been a tad better at it, especially in the achievements department. Some of ’em are just impossible to figure out until you accidentally unlock one. And that’s a completionist’s worst nightmare (apart from a mandatory decade-long wait to unlock the final one). Therefore, June’s Xbox update adds the option to reveal its secrets, if you wish.

Me, personally, I don’t give a flying hoot about achievements. Getting one is nice, but for me, it’s just about playing the game the way I want to. No pressure whatsoever. I do understand the principle behind it though, and I can also understand how ‘secret achievements’ can be annoying to some. Even Microsoft seems to get it.

And that’s why June’s Xbox update allows you to jank the veil off of ’em, uncovering every dirty achievements secret. Just check your achievements under Game Activity, find the secret ones, and select ‘Reveal details’. That’ll spill the name, the description, and the Gamerscore that comes with it. Simple.

Achievement Unlocked: You’ve secretly unlocked the secrets that are no longer a secret

This is secretly something you’ve always wanted, isn’t it? Well…?

Alright then. Keep your secrets.