Lost Judgment might easily be the ‘Last Judgment’

You might know about it or you might not, but SEGA and Judgment-actor Takuya Kimura’s agency are having beef. For some unknown reason, Johnny & Associates – which sounds like the corniest talent agency ever – hates PC as a platform. The agency hates it so much that games featuring Takuya’s likeness are prohibited from sale on Steam. That complicates things because no Steam version means Lost Profits. And if profits can’t be made to their fullest extent, what’s the point of making a game in the first place, right? Right!

All the deets around this quarrel were picked up by a Japanese news site called Nikkan Taishu. The article states that Johnny & Associates “has strict control over the [likeness] rights of its talent, and the use of their image online is still limited to a few”, and is now using this control to prevent Judgment and Lost Judgment from launching on Steam. For some weird reason, consoles are just fine. Maybe Johnny doesn’t have the ‘mohnny’ for a new GPU?

Anyway, this poses some serious issues for SEGA. Publishing and developing a game is a costly business, and if some douche named Johnny is preventing you from selling your shit on a major platform, you’re missing out on quite a bit of revenue. In other words, if SEGA can’t sell their game franchise on PC, it’s not really worth continuing. This means that Lost Judgment might well be the last game in the series unless an agreement can be reached. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as reports are mentioning a stalemate situation.

As for Takuya Kimura, he might be the biggest loser in this feud. Kimura apparently loves the Judgment series and would very much like to continue it. According to the report, he was stricken with disappointment when he found out that it all might end because of this legal feud. Poor Takuya…