Indie game store itch.io really f*cking hates NFTs, obviously

If you thought you took a radical stance against NFTs, you’re about to be bested by itch.io. The indie game store really dislikes Non-Fungible Tokens. For realz. While every bigwig in the industry is totally rubbing one out while fantasizing of a blockchain future, itch.io goes flaccid just thinking about NFTs. And believe me, they’re not sitting back and waiting for that blockchain future to happen. For them, it’s time to go medieval on NFTs.

Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix, Konami, SEGA, Nintendo… everyone seems to get a throbbing ding-dong off of NFTs. Ask any of the aforementioned parties and every single one of them will tell you how great they can potentially be. If you’re not seeing the endless possibilities and advantages, you’re basically as ignorant as you can be. In that case, meet itch.io, the most ignorant game store you can find. Itch.io isn’t a big fan of this NFT/blockchain bullcrap. In fact, according to them, NFTs are nothing more than a scam and a perfect way of destroying this blue marble we call Earth.

But if you think that the store stuck to just this one tweet, guess again. It was merely clearing its throat with that message. In a quick follow-up, itch.io took the gloves off and lashed out at every company that’s defending NFTs.

Okay, okay… we gotcha. You really don’t like NFTs, copy that. Unfortunately, calling publishers dense for pushing the latest phenomenon in the gaming industry isn’t going to make them reconsider. While some parties are still on the fence (GSC Game World, Nintendo, SEGA, and Team17, to name a few), most big players are adamant. But let’s be honest, even they will change their minds if we give them a reason to.

In other words: let your wallet do the talking.