Hideo Kojima doesn’t want us to see Overdose

Hideo Kojima is up to something. I’m not talking about Death Stranding 2 or his designer specs, a horror game. And according to Tom Henderson – Try Hard Guides‘ professional leaker – it’s a game called Overdose. And all of this could’ve just been labeled as another one of those rumors… if Kojima hadn’t requested to have Henderson’s entire article removed (which he luckily declined).

Because honestly, you couldn’t draw more attention to a leak like this one. Getting sparked by some early footage showing Death Stranding’s Margaret Qually in third-person view, it was the end that got people invested. The alleged video ended on a high with a jump scare, followed by “GAMEOVER”, “A Hideo Kojima Game”, and “OVERDOSE”. I guess it doesn’t get any more conclusive than that.

Conclusive as it may seem, we still need to label this a rumor. As long as Kojima Productions won’t confirm or deny it, we can’t make assumptions. Then again, Tom Henderson has often proven to be a legit source. And Kojima Productions reaching out to request the removal of Tom’s article, that pure rumor fuel.

Could this be the game that Kojima has been developing in collaboration with Xbox? Might this be the reason why Hideo had a cozy zoom call with Geoff Keighley? Are we going to see an official reveal during the Summer Game Fest? Only time will tell.

To be continued, undoubtedly…