[BLOG] Dying Light 2 – Promises. Undying promises.

After the fabulously pressured release of Cyberpunk 2077, game studios are even more on edge. Current fashion dictates postponing releases is something “we”(the studios) all do. You know, apart from Rockstar with the GTA trilogy. I personally cannot blame them (not even a little). I mean, first, the fans are bashing them for not releasing the game, then they bash the game for being rushed and faulty. On the other hand, when you announce a game three years in advance, stop your procrastination and get on with it. Don’t get me all hyped for something you cannot do in the timeframe you set for yourselves. Yes, I’m looking at you Techland. Give me Dying Light 2 already. Geez!

So, to the point. Dying Light 2 has only been pushed back about 633 times and I was smart enough to make a pre-order on PS5. Whoop-dee-doo, happy days. Isn’t it good to be a gamer these days? I can buy a game three months prior to the release date and more than a year later I still haven’t been able to play it. How foolish of me to believe in the release date the studio has set. Clearly, this is nothing new, yet I have a feeling it happened more often in the last 10 years than it did before.

Ok, now I’m really getting to the point. After Dying Light 2: Stay Human was announced at E3 2018, I was over the moon with excitement. The game was said to be released somewhere during the spring season of 2020. It would have been nothing short of a small miracle if the game would be delivered on such short notice. Fast forward a year and we learned the hard way that miracles do not exist. Apparently, the game was not even close to being done. Therefore it was postponed indefinitely. Imagine the feeling the fans had. Pre-ordered a game and now you are left without a game and without money. I wonder if Techland was gonna take me out to dinner?… you see, I really like to be taken out to dinner before I get fucked!

But now, all prayers have been answered. Well, there is still world hunger and a general lack of world peace. Plus, there’s the occasional volcano outburst or tsunami, so maybe not all prayers. So let me rephrase: a prayer has been answered. A release date got announced, and as everybody already knows, it’s been postponed yet again! What the actual fuck were you guys thinking?!? Yet this time a new date was immediately shared with the fans of the series. February 4th, 2022, only 20 months later than the originally planned release. This needs to be awarded. Such timely planning is outstanding for a small company in a multi-billion dollar industry. Can you smell the sarcasm?

So when is this news you speak of coming you say? Well, this time lead game designer Tymon Smektala says there’s “absolutely zero chance” of the title being pushed back any further. Can I get a hallelujah? The wait is nearly over, you guys. Once again will we be drenched in zombie goo, whilst parkouring our asses off through an undead infested city seven times BIGGER than Harran in the original.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just got all hyped again. Seeing that gameplay above makes my blackened, cold, dead heart skip a beat.