Imam-ma mia! Arab prince buys 5 percent stake in Nintendo

“Hi. I’m Mohammed bin Salman, the prince of Saudi Arabia, and I’d like to share my wealth with you. Could you please share your bank account number to complete the transaction?” This sounds like your typical scam, but Nintendo has received a similar offer and taken it, according to Bloomberg. Well… I say similar, but it was more of an “I’m buying 5 percent of your company” deal.

The Saudis – widely known for their crude oil business – are looking to expand their export horizon. According to the Public Investment Fund – a sovereign wealth fund chaired by aforementioned crown prince Mohammed bin Salman – there’s more to them Arabs than meets the eye. Some of them might turn out to be the next abaya-wearing Hideo Kojima. I mean, oil isn’t going to be around forever and games are. But to tap into that knowledge, Saudi Arabia needs people around them to get them going. People like Nintendo developers. And what’s a better way to get in touch with Nintendo’s developers than by straight-up buying a part of their employer.

So that’s exactly what the Public Investment Fund has been doing lately. After spending over $3 billion worth of Activision , EA, and Take-Two stock in 2020, PIF also bought over 5% of Capcom and Nexon shares. On top of that, the fund went for 96% of King of Fighters dev SNK last month. And we were concerned about Sony and Microsoft buying everything…

So, if you really want to help this Arabian prince with making Saudi Arabia a great game-developing country, drive your car more often. Let’s keep those oil fields pumpin’. Fuck it, let it idle all day long. If you care more about diversity in the gaming industry, you know what to do. And let’s be honest, what good is a clean and healthy planet when Arabia is being oppressed in their game-making ambitions? Eeeeexactly.

Fill ‘r up, boys! (the car, that is)

P.S.: If I go silent from now on, try finding pieces of me in bin Salman’s basement, if you know what I mean…