ID@Xbox program claims to be a true indie dev sugar daddy

If you know your way around game developing and want insurance that it pays out… have a cup of Joe with Xbox. According to Team Green’s Chris Carla, the ID@Xbox program has already paid out over $2.5 billion in royalties. That’s a whole lotta green.

To put things in perspective, that’s 2.5 billion over 9 years. Still, after crunching numbers, this dials down to over 250 million per year on average. According to Carla, the ID@Xbox program has really been in a lift for the last three years, doubling its total revenue.

But it’s not just the ID@Xbox program that has treated devs well. Xbox Game Pass has been paying out, too. Without giving exact numbers, the Xbox Wire post reports hundreds of millions of dollars in Game Pass fee payouts.

In both cases, we shouldn’t forget that these payouts go to a couple of thousand partners. Microsoft claims to work with more than 4,600 devs from 94 countries worldwide, including over a thousand ID@Xbox applicants.

While this is all great, there’s still work to be done to smoothen things out. “Discoverability” seems to be the keyword here. It’s nice to be able to publish your game at Xbox, but if gamers can’t seem to find it, sales are going to be slim.

“One area we talk to developers and players about a lot is “discoverability.” Teams across Microsoft work every day to help solve discovery challenges so players can find games they love, and in turn, ensure developers find the audience for their games.”

Anyway, Xbox is on top of things. Making its partners feel safe and secure. Wooing them as they deliver. Like a true sugar daddy.