I’m still too dumb for Sonic Frontiers, I guess

“You’re all just haters because you have no clue what you’re dealing with. You’ll change your mind when things become apparent”. I can still dream Sonic Team’s statement after the abysmal reception of Sonic Frontiers’ open-world gameplay. Everyone thought it sucked, but that was plain ignorance. Lucky for us, SEGA took to opening Night Live to clarify things.

At least, I think that was supposed to be the plan. I was ready to get enlightened. I mean, Geoff Keighley sure couldn’t shut up about it for the last week, so I went into ONL fairly open-minded. Prove me I’m wrong, SEGA. Show me how awesome Sonic Frontiers really is. I’m willing to turn my opinion around. Just give me something tangible.

And there it was. Sonic Frontiers with a new trailer. A story trailer even, explaining what the hell we’re dealing with. But honestly… how was that supposed to change my opinion? After watching it I still don’t get what Sonic Frontiers is all about. I got to see the same open-world setting with a handful of adversaries, more puzzling components, and (thank God) something that resembled an old-school Sonic stage.

I dunno, man. Maybe I’m just too damn ignorant for this. Or maybe I’m just prejudiced here. And that’s a damn shame because I used to looooove Sonic. So please, SEGA, pretty please with sugar on top, show me I’m wrong by making me play it. I’ll rectify everything I ever said if this game is truly as awesome as you claim it to be.