I hate you for this, Geoff Keighley

Geoff Keighley… you’re a real tool, man. Do you realize it? All night long you’re presenting every game as if it’s the best thing ever. And some of ’em don’t even ring a bell with the audience. “Who of you played Homeworld?” (insert cricket noises here). And when you finally get your shot to absolutely wow the crowd, you fumble it massively.

Alright, let me clarify stuff first. I have a bucket list. I’d like to go to the States someday (which is finally happening this year, so yay). There’s also the urge to go on a booze cruise with the Devolver Digital crew, which might also happen this week. Maybe. And… I’d kill to see Hideo Kojima in person.

So yeah, you might understand my excitement when you, Geoff Keighley, brought him up during Opening Night Live. It was almost too good to be true. But for a moment you got me hooked. Is he really in Cologne? Are you for real? And then… BOOM. Big screen and Kojima on it. Talking about a podcast. Are you shitting me here?

And hey, don’t get me wrong. If you’re into podcasts and therefore super stoked by this, I’m really happy for you. But I’m… let’s call it “disappointed”. Hideo isn’t even in the house and all you’re dropping is podcast news? Not even a tease for that Overdose game that’s obviously worth keeping under the wraps? Lame, dude.