Ubisoft dubs first-party games ‘Ubisoft Original’, which is ironic

Putting the word ‘Original’ behind a title to make it appear original, isn’t original at all. Take companies like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO for example. To show that they’re the ones responsible for creating something, they slap the ‘Original’ suffix to it. The next big company to do so is Ubisoft. The French publisher decided to dub all first-party games Ubisoft Original. Ughhh…

This “original” move was spotted after the announcement of Tom Clancy’s The Division: Heartland. After some questioning, the publisher told Eurogamer that The Ubisoft Original branding is a thing now. A thing attached to “all of Ubisoft’s games created in-house by our talented developers”. I’ll drop Exhibit A for you right here.

Proof of Ubisoft's Ubisoft Original suffix

At this particular point, all I want to ask is “Why?”. It’s not like Ubisoft’s portfolio is bursting out the seams with third-party games. Practically every game with the Ubisoft logo on it comes from a Ubisoft studio, making every game a Ubisoft Original. And by calling every game a Ubisoft Original, it kinda loses its originality. Does this make any sense?

Then again, this might mean that Ubisoft is up to something else. It could mean that the Frenchies are thinking of publishing more third-party games. You know, games that don’t all seem to look alike. Games that actually feel original. Huh… ironic.