Housemarque now bears the “marque” of a PlayStation Studio

Housemarque – the Finnish indie responsible for games such as Alienation and Returnal – is no longer independent. As of today, the studio is officially part of the PlayStation family. Mukava, Housemarque!

Let’s be honest here, this news is far from surprising. Housemarque and Sony PlayStation have been holding hands for quite a while now. The Finnish studio has provided the Japanese giant with pretty entertaining games at the latest console launches. Returnal is the most recent example of that. So really, it was merely a matter of time.

Expected or not, Sony PlayStation is still very much proud of its latest acquisition. It might not be as grand as Microsoft buying Bethesda, but it sure gives some people much reason to rejoice.

If you ask me, Sony has always known how to pick their cherries right. I’m not trying to talk shit about Microsoft here, but Sony can really teach them a thing or two about proper first-party acquisition. Again, no disrespect intended, but PlayStation Studios are widely known for delivering primo quality. Except for Sony Bend, according to some. Their latest game Days Gone didn’t quite hit that top-notch mark, even though it definitely isn’t as bad as people want to make you believe.

Anyway, the future looks bright for the Helsinki-based developer. The studio already knew how to impress with a limited budget and resources. God knows what they can achieve with the full support of Sony PlayStation.