RDR2 got “giddy-upgraded” by a fan, making it more immersive

An immersive experience is paramount if you want your narrative game to be truly successful. If a player doesn’t feel it – figuratively speaking – you’ve missed out on an opportunity. But what if you could actually feel it, literally speaking. Well, that’s where controller rumble helps developers out. But there’s always room for improvement. Someone called Teenenggr has proven that point in the past. But guess what… Teenenggr is back with an upgrade that makes in-game horseback riding in RDR2 even more immersive.

Before I show you how he managed to pull that off, let me just point out that you probably shouldn’t attempt this yourself. Even though it’s pretty fun to watch, I’m also quite sure that the naaaaaaay-bors wouldn’t be too happy with this giddy-upgrade. But you know who would be? Ikea. Because you’ll definitely be a regular at the desk department.

See what I mean? It kinda explains why his desk is made out of scrap wood, to begin with. Plus, it also doesn’t really seem to emulate the sensation of riding a horse that accurately, unless you chose a horse with a major brain defect. Sooooo… I guess we should skip this pitch, unless Rockstar wouldn’t mind publishing it as RDR2: Extreme Edition. Nice effort though.

The biggest question would be what’s going to be next for Teenenggr. Is it gonna be a “realistic” way of experiencing an uppercut in Street Fighter? Or will he try to emulate getting your face shot off in Call of Duty? The possibilities seem to be endless, as long as there’s furniture that will support his experiments.