Devotion returns to haunt us after two years of absence

Devotion – referred to by some as a Taiwanese P.T. clone – is back on sale after two years of radio silence. Both Steam and GOG took the controversial title offline, so developer Red Candle Games opened up its own digital shop to sell their horror game to the masses.

Controversial, you ask? Well, remember how China isn’t really too happy with their president Xi Jinping being compared to Winnie the Pooh? The Taiwanese developers just couldn’t resist and put a reference to it in their game, resulting in a wave of complaints from Chinese gamers. Steam responded with a removal, even after Red Candle’s explanation calling it a mistake.

Unfortunately, CD Projekt RED’s storefront GOG didn’t like the heat this game got either, so they also pulled out of the agreement to release it on their platform. A physical release was issued last June, but that never made it to the West. Lucky for us, Red Candle Games set up shop online, offering digital DRM-free copies of Devotion (as well as their previous game Detention) through their own e-shop.

So, if you have 17 bucks to spare and like to see what all the fuss is about, get your ass over to the Red Candle E-Shop pronto and get some! Would you rather know if it’s worth the money first? Stick around on Instakilled for the review, which should be coming up shortly.