Horizon Forbidden West is not getting delayed, or is it?

It might sound a little weird, but there’s an AAA-game in development that’s actually on schedule, for the time being. Guerrilla Games seems to be on track with Horizon Forbidden West, the sequel to the acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn. How do I know? Because Sony said so. That’s how.

Thanks to IGN, we’re able to catch a glimpse of a games trailer published by Sony PlayStation, showing off some games to come. This trailer consists of material taken from Ratchet & Clank (scheduled for June 11th, 2021), Gran Turismo 7, GTA 5, and… Horizon Forbidden West, which apparently has gotten a ‘late 2021’ release window. You can watch the aforementioned trailer below.


Another piece of advertisement seems to corroborate the claim, and I must thank VGC for sharing the snapshot taken from Instagram. I have to admit, it’s actually nice to finally see a game making its scheduled release. Nowadays, it seems to be trending to postpone releases, mainly due to COVID-related inconveniences.

Then again, nobody was ever worried, right? I mean, PlayStation’s Jim Ryan has constantly been hammering on the fact that Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, and the sci-fi game Returnal would definitely make their projected launch window. But the same Jim Ryan also gave studios some wiggle room by giving them the go-ahead to delay a game if the need arises, a fate that has befallen Gran Turismo 7.

Still, some people seem to be sure that Horizon is going to be delayed at some point. A Russian Twitter-user named Anton Logvinov claims that the game will probably not make its planned release and that it’ll be pushed into 2022. Logvinov isn’t just another Twitter-poster, but he has actually predicted quite a few things in the past, like the PC release of Horizon Zero Dawn. Let’s just hope he’s wrong about this one though.

Anyway, when it comes to the previous snippet of news, I can safely say that ‘this one sparks joy’. After a four-year break, I’m ready to face Aloy and her robotic dino pets once more. Plus, Horizon Zero Dawn was one of the games that made me feel proud of being a Dutchy, a feeling that has slowly been seeping out of me after watching the news recently. So, thanks Guerrilla Games. Lang leve de koning, hoezee!