Netflix & Kill? Try Homicidal All-Stars

Don’t you agree that reality tv shows are the worst? I mean, the predictability… good lord! Everything is orchestrated as fuck yet still, everyone is all “Oooh” and “Ahhh” when the introverted contestant turns out to be this asshole-rimming sex fiend. Is there literally no show maker that knows how to stir things up for real? Hmmm… what’s that, Good Shepherd? Homicidal All-Stars? I’m listening…

Ah… I see. A reality game show in which you’re allowed to let your inner criminal go fucknuts. Homicidal All-Stars, where you may kill, murder, terminate and liven’t your co-contestants without the obvious drawback of getting arrested. Because honestly, if it weren’t for those damn popos, we’d be one step away from turning into a murderous society.

Anywho, Homicidal All-Stars. It’s gunning for you this year. Wanna know what it’s like? Check out the trailer below, you sick piece of scum.

Yeah, that’s more like it. Running, puzzling, and wasting others, simply because they’re annoying. Sounds like the perfect Saturday night with your mentally unstable, trigger-happy friends. And as long as you won’t mind waiting your turn, you’re free to join in later this year.

Happy hunting, weirdos!

P.S.: You guys know I’m just joking, right? Please don’t kill me…