Release of Hogwarts Legacy might be ‘Slytherin’ towards 2023

Bad news for all the people hoping for some magic by the end of 2022. Hogwarts Legacy – Portkey’s attempt to make stick-wielding wizards out of every possible gender – seems to be facing another delay. Mind you, nothing is official yet, but according to insiders, the development is experiencing “some trouble”. Therefore, a release in 2023 seems like a very plausible scenario for Hogwarts Legacy.

In case you wanna know, the insider in question is Colin Moriarty. While he didn’t elaborate much on his claims, he did tell donating Patrons that there’s some trouble behind the scenes, making a 2022 release highly unlikely. Then again, publisher Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed nor denied anything yet. Last thing I know, its general manager spoke of two major Wizarding World releases in 2022, with the other one being Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbeldore.

But even if the rumors are true, Hogwarts Legacy should be worth the wait. According to some – including our own Cas Zijlemans – Portkey is doing everything to make Hogwarts Legacy as accessible as possible. The game reportedly features the option to create transgender characters and players will be able to choose their own moral path. If you feel like being evil, Hogwarts Legacy won’t stop you from becoming a total tool.

To be continued…