[BLOG] Hogwarts Legacy – Getting me closer to magic in 2022

For people who know me, I need to clarify: the title is not a sex thing. We will genuinely get some magic this year. Yes, guys/girls/its/theys – or whatever pronoun is the accepted one these days – “don’t kill me just yet, I am trying”. Did we just get a nice surprise in our gaming lives? Yes, we did! So hop on that broom, grope your magic stick, and leviosa yourself to the land of Hogwarts Legacy, where plenty of exciting developments await us in 2022

So, I wonder who would not like to wave a magic wand around, forcing the world around you to become exactly what you want it to be. But the thing is that any previous try to make an exciting Harry Potter-themed game didn’t really deliver. Mainly because it was on PS3 and a long time ago, but also because they let you play as a child. To make things worse, they’d let you do childish platformy things. Things like collect gems that you never seem to use for anything besides buying new spells.

Well, Portkey Games claimed that this is all about to change with Hogwarts Legacy. The game is made by fans of the Harry Potter universe and genuinely has nothing to do with four-eyed scarry Harry itself. You can become … well… you, I guess. And as you you’ll be able to wave that wand around like you just don’t care about any possible consequence. A little birdy even told me you can choose to be a good guy/girl/it/them wizard or choose to become an evil ‘son of a witch’. The choice is all yours. From riding unicorns and farting rainbows to shooting unlimited lightning from your lil’ trick stick, which would also be a very good rapper name. Alright, I’m digressing…

If all goes well, rumor goes that Hogwarts Legacy should be released in “late 2022”, after getting delayed last year. But of course, that is if all goes well, and the gaming industry has shown us that is not so common anymore these days. Still, I am surprised by the screens and trailers I saw so far. Let’s hope a smaller studio like Portkey Games can handle the challenge and live up to the expectations. But apparently, he/she/it/they can do magic of some sort, so I am certain it will be good. Or evil. I haven’t decided yet.