The legend of Hogwarts’ floaty twig on a book is true

The rumors were true, my fellow muggles. The tales of an overpriced Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition have been confirmed. Avalanche Software’s Community Manager, Chandler Wood – who bears a very appropriate name for a guy who’s showing off a magic wand – unveiled the contents of the anticipated CE. As predicted, it comes with a book-shaped base and a hovering wand. It’s almost magical, if only it didn’t have this very obvious power cord protruding from it.

Before I start talking about it, let’s just take a look at what Chandler has to show.

So, what are my thoughts on it? Let’s see. From a distance, it looks to be alright. Nothing more, nothing less. I mean, the base looks like a book and the wand looks like a wand. But honestly, for $300, I expected something less ‘made in China’-ish. Because if we take a closer look, the magic kinda fades away.

The wand is clearly a cast plastic one with seams very visible and that book is also nothing more than a hunk of PVC. You can’t go through a few pages or anything. It’s just a base with no other purpose.

Now, I don’t want to come over as whiny, but really? Three hundred big ones for this all-plastic CE? Okay, let’s deduct 80 for the game itself and another 10 for the obligatory steel case. Hell, make it 20 to round the total up to an even 100. That’s still 200 buckaroos for A FUCKING PIECE OF FLOATING PLASTIC. Jeez guys, at least you could’ve made the wand out of (fake) wood or something. I get that the base needs to function as one and not as an actual book. But the wand… c’mon. This looks like something I can bag for $50 on AliExpress.

Hogwarts Legacy Collector's Edition
So realistic. Much wow.

In a way, we should be grateful for Warner thinking all ecologic. I mean, if the wand was being made out of actual wood, they would have had to cut down trees for a Collector’s Edition. At least they’re using oil now which might, at some point, have spilled into the sea. So yeah, I guess I gotta give Warner credit for that.

But hey, if you really wanted to justify the price tag, you could’ve done your homework a little better. You could’ve tossed in a Hogwarts letter of admission, a scarf from one of the houses. You even could have maximized your sales by making different house editions. And lastly, you really should’ve chosen a more premium packaging. A flimsy cardboard box for a $300 Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition… brings back memories, man.

But hey, it’ll probably sell out anyway and Warner Bros knows it. It happened before and it’ll happen again. I mean, I also fell for the overpriced Mithril Edition of Middle Earth: Shadow of War. So from a business perspective, Warner is playing it very smart, I guess. Do with that info what you ‘wand’. That goes for you, too, Warner. Now that you’ve decided to delay Hogwarts Legacy again, you could use that extra time to reconsider your price point. Not that you’re going to…