Take a thrill pill and get High On Life

Talking handguns that shoot babies because “they’re pretty ineffective but easy to make”. I mean, sure… I guess… It sure beats them shiny, phallic hand cannons that seem to give some people a big, throbbing barrel nut. But where do you come up with these things? Well… give Justin Roiland some COVID quarantine time and that’s about it. Because of course, it’s Justin Roiland. It’s always Justin Roiland. In other words: High On Life is a game made by Rick & Morty creator Justin Roiland. Justin Roiland.

In fact, it’s not just Justin Roiland (wow, those two consecutive ‘justs’ made it hella confusing…) The credit should go to Squanch Games, which happens to have Justin Roiland onboard. Squanch Games isn’t in this game for the fame. According to Squanch Games – where Justin Roiland works – the team is more in it for the surprises. Just when you think you’ve seen it all… BAM! Justin Roiland. And a game pitch that has obviously been boiling inside of his freakish mind.

So yeah, High On Life pretty much ticks those boxes. It’s definitely out of the ordinary in almost every way. Playing as a bounty hunter (pretty normal so far), High On Life pits you against aliens that are trying to invade Earth because humans make for good drugs. Wait… wut? Indeed, drugs! And that needs to be dealt with, using sentient alien life forms who double as handguns. Talking handguns.

See? I’m not making this up. Justin Roiland is though.

As of now, it’s still unclear when High On Life sets off, but according to Squanch Games and Xbox, it should be this year.

Did I mention Justin Roiland is making this game? I feel like I haven’t…