Hideo Kojima happily shares the specs of his newest project

Hideo Kojima, some of us find him weird and others consider him to be a visionary. But to be a visionary, you need good eyesight, to begin with. Unfortunately, there’s also this big bright sphere called the sun, and this celestial body can be quite annoying from time to time. Good thing there’s this invention called (sun)glasses, which Kojima now has a few to offer.

I know, this isn’t quite the ‘spectacle’ you might have hoped for, but Kojima seems to be fairly happy with his latest project. Together with French designer Jean-François Rey – a self-proclaimed “proud anti-uniformity activist” – Kojima concocted some shady shades. A logical choice, because the French are known for their couture. Because if you’re going to surrender a la minute, you’d better look snazzy doing it. So, let’s have a look, shall we? The first style is called HKxJF01, and the video below shows you what’s so special about them.

Then there’s the KHxJF02, which is a little bit less weird, but still not exactly ordinary. The frame and the glasses can be detached from each other, making you look like a modern-day Morpheus, I guess.

The third set is the real kicker. The HKxJF03 is the one real Death Stranding fans should be saving up for. Modelled after the LUDENS mask, this pair of spectacles will have you rockin’ the Norman Reedus look in no time. Unfortunately, these are considered to be collector’s items, with availability and price tags accordingly. But really, who doesn’t want to trot down the street looking like this?

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Oui oui, c’est un petit cretin, but with great style comes great responsibility. If you feel like picking one of these bad boys up, head on over to Jean-François Rey’s website for pre-order info. The first batch is estimated to ship end of March 2022. Unfortunately, prices aren’t mentioned yet, but I expect them to be steep. Maybe get another courier job for that one.