Hideo Kojima and Xbox Game Studios are going steady

Don’t you just love a good romance? Two parties, miles apart, separated by COVID, that still manage to make their relationship work? Man… it makes me all soft and gooey. And therefore, I’m thrilled to announce that Hideo Kojima and Xbox Game Studios have found true love. It’s all at a very early stage and I don’t want to jinx it, but they’ve already made it to first base. Awwww! ❤❤❤

And by first base, I mean that they’ve actually confirmed that they’re trying to make a baby together. The happy couple announced during the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase that an Xbox-exclusive game is in the making. Without giving up any details, Kojima assured us that it’s going to be something revolutionary. Something that we’ve never seen before. And the power of Xbox’s cloud gaming technology is going to be the backbone of it.

Might this be the rumored Overdose? You know, that game that was leaked by Tom Henderson. The project Hideo desperately wants to keep under wraps? Who knows? Well… Hideo knows. Xbox knows. And someday, we will know, too. But I guess we’ll have to let those lovebirds do their thing first. More deets might sprout once the exchange of bodily fluids has commenced.

Hideo Kojima and Xbox, I’m so happy for you guys!