“Battlefield 2042 launch went FUBAR thanks to Halo Infinite”

Battlefield 2042, what haven’t we said about it yet? It’s not a secret that DICE’s attempt to deliver a groundbreaking experience didn’t pan out that well. And that’s putting it lightly. Ask anyone who signed the refund petition. Even EA went down humble avenue and openly apologized for the sorry state of it. But you know who should really apologize? Halo Infinite’s goddamn Master Chief, that’s who. If he didn’t make an effing spotless entrance back when, people wouldn’t have known what a polished game would look like anno 2021.

Let’s look at the fact of the matter, developing a game has become a pain many assholes. Working from home, where your cat keeps sitting on your keyboard, it’s rough. In the meanwhile, deadlines keep creeping closer. At some point, you accept the fact that the game will have a few flaws when it launches. Who will notice, right? Look at Cyberpunk. That kinda played out alright in the long run?

But then came 343 Industries, the studio behind Halo Infinite, who clearly hasn’t got cat owners in its workforce. While EA pushed out Battlefield 2042 – tested on a smaller scale and deemed ‘stable’ – Microsoft totally overran it with a surprisingly well-polished Halo Infinite. And that made Battlefield 2042 look extra sloppy. Even EA’s chief operating officer Laura Miele can’t deny that during a town hall meeting last week. Thanks to business insider Tom Henderson, her thoughts on the matter are now out in the open.

Ouch! That has to be the single-weirdest way of paying 343 Industries a compliment. And that shit has to hurt. I mean, there was EA, generously letting people have at it during Battlefield 2042’s Early Access week, just to get fucking smashed by Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer which came out of nowhere. Yeah, that had to suck donkey balls.

But hey, that’s what you get when you settle for ‘stable’. Microsoft didn’t, and EA got owned by them because of it. Not literally though. I mean, not yet. Not that I know of.