The Halo Infinite ‘Forever We Fight’ trailer is upon us, Spartans

What do we want? “FIGHT!” When do we want it? ÄLL THE MOTHERF#CKIN’ TIME!” If there’s one thing that man has never seized to do, it’s fighting. And for what? Somebody looked at you funny, oil reserves, their god is stupid… you name it. Since the dawn of man, humans have felt the need to crack their knuckles and make someone else eat their own teeth. Kinda fucked up in a way, but hey, it makes for a good launch trailer. What better way to promote a game like Halo Infinite – in which you mostly shoot other players’ virtual brains out – with a little history of violence.

Okay, maybe things aren’t as grim as I just portrayed them to be, but fighting is part of human nature. Whether it’s for good or for bad, humans love to put up a fight. If this weren’t the case, games like Halo Infinite would be rather futile. But fighting often takes brainpower. Methodical approaches are sometimes required. Don’t go in unprepared (that’s what she said) and wait for an opening. Wait, like Halo Infinite’s ever-delayed launch has taught you.

Fortunately, the wait is almost over. There’s a chance that you grew weary of waiting after seeing Halo Infinite being postponed again and again. Your will to fight has dissipated. We understand, Spartan. Still, I urge you to pull through one last time. The battle is nearing, I guarantee you. December 8 is closing in fast, so ready your weapons. Light that fire within thee! And if you’re having trouble lighting that fire, let Halo Infinite’s ‘Forever We Fight’ live-action trailer guide you.

Now… are you ready, children? Gear up and march towards Halo Infinite’s launch, which will be arriving shortly. Prepare yourself for digital warfare by jumping into some Halo Infinite multiplayer action, which is already live. Make us proud, Spartan! Show the world what the human race is most known for. Eradication!