You can forget about Half-Life 3, thanks to the Steam Deck

If you were still hoping to see a true successor to Half-Life 2, Valve has got some bad news for you. According to Tyler McVicker – The Valve News Network spokesman with the ultimate 90’s antagonist name – the developer is way too busy with the Steam Deck. So, to all you Steam Deck pre-orderers out there: Thanks a bunch! If it weren’t for you, we might have had a Half-Life 3

So there goes our hope of seeing Gordon Freeman again soon, a hope that got sparked by the end of Half-Life: Alyx. As McVickers explains, Valve is throwing basically all of its resources at the development of the Steam Deck. Valve’s upcoming handheld device is rather popular, exceeding even Valve’s expectations. With resources being as scarce as they are, meeting those demands is a bitch. People who’ve placed a pre-order have figured that out the painful way after receiving an e-mail containing bad news.

Long story short: Valve doesn’t have the manpower to develop Half-Life 3 at this point. Nobody’s on it, at least nobody significant. Even if there were a few rogue developers having a crack at it, they wouldn’t get far without a nod of approval. But maybe there’s a way to soften the blow, if only a little. According to McVickers, a project named Citadel is in development.

“Valve is working on a piece of software to best showcase what the Steam Deck is capable of doing – Citadel. This is a nostalgia fest, this is a Half-Life based FPS/RTS hybrid that is co-operatively based. Think about Left 4 Dead and Alien Swarm, and RTS and Half-Life all having a baby.”

Oh well, I guess I’ll be spending another ‘half-life’ waiting on part 3…